Respawn Entertainment seems quite decided to make its Battle Royale first-person shooter Apex Legends a prominent figure in the world of videogames. Facing a competitor like Fortnite is not an easy task but it has become even more difficult to come up with features that attract the players now that more often than not video games of all genres are including a Battle Royale mode among their features. One of the ways of gaining relevance is through the world of eSports and Respawn has taken the initiative to step into that world by announcing the Apex Legends Global Series. In words of Vince Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment,

“Competition is at the heart of Apex Legends.We expect that esports will play a big role in the future of Apex Legends and it all starts here, with the Apex Legends Global Series. We look forward to seeing who, out of our millions of players, will become true legends of the arena.”

Apex Legends Global Series will have twelve live events during its first years and the first tournament will be held on January 25th, 2020. Players from 60 different counties will be able to take part in the events, playing online from their homes and advancing to live, regional Challenger Events, and global Premier Events, to qualify for the majors that will come later. As they play they will earn Global Series points, with a score that will be awarded based on their performance.

The first major is scheduled for March 13-15, with room for 100 three-player squads. The top 60 players selected from the three different majors that will be held in 2020 will be invited to battle for the Apex Legends Global Series World Champion title in a final competition will have a pool prize of $1 million with a total of over $3 million in prize money for the whole series.

Apex Legends Global Series

If you want to participate in the Apex Legends Global Series you have to keep in mind that you will have to meet minimum age and certain PC requirements, since it’s only open to PC players. You can register for the competition in the dedicated Apex Legends Global Series website.

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