Respawn Entertainment has announced that a lot of changes coming to its Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends very soon. The biggest one is a revamp of the leveling system that will increase the level cap to 500 from the 100 maximum level which players can attain right now. Of course, this increase in the number of levels comes with more rewards for the players too, including Apex Packs. After the modification is applied players will receive 20 packs through the first 20 levels, one pack every two levels between 22 and 300, and one pack every five levels between 305 and 500. Although the journey to the maximum level is going to be much longer, the number of Apex Packs that the player will be able to get just by playing the game will also be increased.

But those are not the only rewards for leveling up, and they will also come in forms different than Apex Packs. Every 100 levels milestone, all players will get a Player Level Gun Charm for free. These are new cosmetic items to customize your gun and there will be 36 of them available including legendary ones. You can buy them from the shop and they can appear in Apex Packs too. As a bonus, players will get an extra badge every ten levels over level 100, adding even more customization options to their characters.

Apex Legends – Legendary charm

The best thing about all this is that the new items and Apex Packs that will be added as rewards with the change will be awarded retroactively to players. Therefore, if you are level 100 in Apex Legends already you will have a few packs waiting for you when the system is implemented on December 3, 2019.

With this new leveling system, Respawn Interactive provides Apex Legends’ players with what they have been asking for, giving them even more reasons to play through Apex Legends Season 3.

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