Halloween is getting close, and plenty of games will be celebrating it with special events. Apex Legends will do it too, but it seems that we get to know what Respawn Entertainment had prepared for us ahead of time because all the details of the event have been leaked earlier than intended.

The first thing that comes to our attention is that as part of the event there will be plenty of Halloween-themed cosmetic items available.

Other than that, for the duration of the Fight or Fright Halloween event in Apex Legends, the players will be able to take part in a special game mode called Shadowfall, which features certain unusual peculiarities. First of all, players won’t be alone when they jump from the dropships, and several zombies will jump down alongside them. Luckily enough, you won’t have to fight them because they will crash on landing and shatter into a myriad of loot pieces, which will give you a good advantage if you manage to land close to one of them.

Also, when a player dies in this mode, it will be revived shortly after as an undead, and become part of the “Shadow Squad”, gaining increased movement capabilities and melee damage. Once there are only ten surviving players, the mode transforms from Battle Royale to a cooperative survival mode where the remaining players have to fend off the Shadow Squad attacks until they can reach an evac point and escape the area. As an addition, it seems that there will be zombies and spiders spread through the map, and they may assault unsuspecting players when they open chests.

Remember that all these novelties fro Apex Legends have been gathered by data mining and through leaks from different sources. There’s not been any official statement regarding the leaks or the event itself so far, but you can expect to see it very soon. This Halloween event will be the perfect complement to the Season 3 of Apex Legends that started a couple of days ago with plenty of novelties.

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