One of the main features that makes Apex Legends different than other Battle Royale games like Fortnite is its team-based gameplay. Of course, once you are on the battlefield is possible to leave your team and try to explore alone, but it’s quite likely that you will be overwhelmed by the opposite team unless they are a complete mess. On the other hand, if you are part of a bad team, you may find yourself wishing to be alone though. We have great news for all those who have felt like that because Respawn has announced on Twitter that a new gameplay mode which will let you play solo is coming to Apex Legends next week.

The Iron Crown Collection event starts on August 13, and it will let players compete to be the best solo player in Apex Legends for a limited time. No more deaths because your group doesn’t cover you, no more putting the blame on your teammates. This time it’s going to be you against the rest of the world to prove that you are at the top.

Apex Legends – Octane celebrating

This event will be up only for a limited time since it’s coming to an end on August 17th, but it’s likely that if it becomes popular among the players Respawn may consider to keep it in Apex Legends as a permanent feature. We have seen that happening already with the Bloodhound event, and the game’s ranked mode.

It’s true that the gameplay will be completely different from what you are used to in Apex Legends, but it could be a very interesting addition to the game. Right now, someone new to the game completes the tutorial and then joins the fight as a completely inexperienced player. This solo mode could be a great opportunity for new players to hone their skills with a certain character before jumping into cooperative without having to bother with paying attention to a team. Experienced players will also find a new challenge in a mode where they can’t rely on having their team as a backup. Anyway, we will have to wait until next week to find out what Apex Legends’ players think about going solo.

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