BioWare’s Anthem, February 22nd

Anthem is coming out for all players before the end of the week but it is already live for those with early access. BioWare has already revealed that Anthem will have a day one update that will address the issues and complaints that some players are still experiencing. The list of the things to be changed in Anthem ranges from performance to UI, and it even includes some glitches during missions. This list of changes and updates is a bit too long and some are questioning EA’s decision of releasing it this month in the first place. They could probably use their time to work and polish it a bit more before they drop it on us. But oh well, that’s their choice to make.

Even with the length of the patch notes being huge, the update focuses mainly on just a few main areas. It fixes the problem with endless loading screens that some players were getting, and it also reduces the loading times. It addresses numerous problems that were causing players to get disconnected during the game. The tracking of missions, challenges, and achievements seems to be working properly now. Finally, it lets you skip some cinematics after the missions, speeding up things a bit.

If you want, you can check the whole list of specific changes included in the patch here, but with so many updates and improvements one could be surprised if Anthem isn’t the best game in the bunch this month. Still, for avid Anthem gamers out there, check out our comparator to see the best deal available for you.

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