Released last spring, Anno 1800 has returned to the roots of the series. Indeed, its two predecessors, Anno 2070 and Anno 2205, were set in the future, rather than the past like the other episodes in the series, whose success had originated from accurately representing different historical periods.

As its name suggests, Anno 1800 takes us back to the heart of the nineteenth century, during the Industrial Revolution. The base game already offers a host of activities, combining both management mechanics, real-time strategy and city-building in several game modes. But it is possible to expand this content even more with the DLCs. After The Sunken Treasure and Botanica, the third DLC, called The Passage has just been released.

If The Sunken Treasure allowed you to dive in search of treasures, and Botanica to create the most sublime botanical garden, The Passage will make you face the icy cold of the Arctic. The Passage will give you access to 2 additional levels of residents, 7 new production lines, 60 new quests, 32 buildings, and 80 items. It introduces new mechanics that will require you to rethink the distribution of your cities because of the heating. Keeping your people warm will be your priority. Finally, you can also build a fleet of airships to improve your trade.

Anno 1800 – The Passage

In parallel to the release of the DLC The Passage for Anno 1800, Ubisoft is launching a free update that allows playing in co-op games for up to four factions and up to 16 players, and introduces an advanced statistics system. If you want to discover these new features, it turns out that Anno 1800 is playable for free on PC until December 18th. During this free trial, you will have access to all the content of the base game and you will be able to progress to level 3. To give a try to this free demo, you just have to visit the page of the game in the Ubisoft store.

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