The spiritual successor of Theme Hospital seems to be doing quite well. Two Point Hospital already lets you try and cure the most hilarious and crazy illnesses all over the world but it seems that the medical treatment simulator has become so famous that its popularity has reached the outer space. Medical tourism is something that already happens in the real world, so why wouldn’t it be happening in Two Point Hospital?

Developer Two Point Studios has announced that the Close Encounters DLC will be adding three new hospitals for you to manage in Two Point County. Goldpan, Camoflage Falls, and Chasm 24 will be three new locations where you will be able to put your management skills to test. Building and managing a hospital on each of those locations implies that you will have to face new administrative challenges, and even if curing the citizens will still be your priority you will also need to make the hospital a thriving business.

Thirty-four brand new illnesses are afflicting the population in the new areas, and you will have to come up with new machines and methods to treat them. Maybe they have something to do with a huge ball of fire that was seen in the sky not to long ago? There are rumors of very strange-looking people that are visiting the area lately, and they may visit your hospital for treatment too. It doesn’t matter where your patients are coming from, you will have to try your best to cure them and make them pay for it.

Two Point Hospital – Close Encounters

The Close Encounters DLC for Two Point Hospital is launching on August 29 for PC. Unlike the two previous Two Point Hospital expansions, Bigfoot and Pebberly Island, the contents of Close Encounters won’t be included in the console version of the game when it launches later this year. Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best prices for the game anytime.

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