Hitman 2 has plenty of work for Agent 47 to do but if you are one of those that have been busy with the game you will be glad to know that IO Interactive is not letting your favorite assassin get any holidays this summer. Agent 47 is a professional killer; therefore he is always ready for action, but let´s be honest, he would probably prefer to be sent somewhere on the beach rather than going to Siberia to complete an objective. Luckily enough for us, he has no choice and he will have to visit one of the most frigid places in the world to kill a few targets in a new Sniper Assassin map for Hitman 2.

Crime and Punishment assignment will have Agent 47 travel to Siberia and sneak into a high-security Perm-14 prison complex in order to eliminate two targets. The mission will prove to be quite hard, first of all, because one of his targets, the ex-Russian mobster Roman Khabko, is an inmate, but his second target is the former KGB operative Vitaly Reznikov now turned a prison warden. While you get rid of them, you will have to start a prison riot to cover your tracks. This DLC also comes with new Rifle Mastery Progression, including the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic unlock, as well as several challenges, achievements, and trophies for you to earn.

Siberia (The Prison) DLC is available already, and it’s included in the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass and as part of the Gold Edition of the game. If you do not have any of those, you won´t be able to visit Siberia but you there is some free content that will be available to all Hitman 2 players from today. Hitman 2 game update 2.50 is available already, and it adds Hawke’s Bay to your options for Contracts Mode. Also, anyone who signs up for a free IOI Account is getting three suits inspired by characters from OI Interactive’s previous games; Futo, Lynch, and Christoper Stone (The Freedom Phantom).

Hitman 2 – Exclsuive suits

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