It seems that all the drama that we have seen during the last months regarding the launch of Shenmue III is finally over. The release of the game on Epic Game Store instead of Steam and the subsequent complaints coming from the players that expected to play it on Valve’s platform have been going on for a few weeks. Ys Net and Deep Silver rapidly announced that they would be refunding the money to those that helped to fund the game but don’t want to play the game on a different platform than Steam or don’t want to wait for a whole year after launch until Shenmue III is available there. We have seen this happening on other games after that but it seems that people are finally getting used to epic Games trying to secure a spot for their shop in the market.

We can move forward now and see more of the highly anticipated third installment of the Shenmue saga. We can now learn a bit more of the daily life of Ryo Hazuki in the mountains of Guilin, China, by watching a new video.

As Ryo continues searching for the murderer of his father, this time in a foreign country, our favorite martial artist will have to keep improving his kung fu in order to gain strength and claim his revenge. Fighting in arenas against all king of opponents with different combat styles seem to be one of the best ways for him to hone his skills. But there is more than fighting in Shenmue III, and the little joys of the daily life in China can also come in the form of arcade mini-games or the smile of a lady, even if you have to be careful because danger can be around any corner and you might end receiving a severe beating.

Ryo playing mini-games in Shenmue III

If you are one of those that have been waiting 18 years for the next chapter in the series, we are sure that the least you care about is what digital download platform you will have to use when you play Shenmue III. The graphics look great, martial arts are present everywhere, and you will continue the story of Ryo; what else could you ask for?

Shenmue III will launch on November 19 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on the Epic Games Store.

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