Guilty Gear series has been a favorite of the public since the first game launched in 1998 for PlayStation. The fighting games from Arc System Works became so popular that over the years it has even been adapted to mangas. EVO has become the place to reveal everything about fighting games and this franchise could not be left out, so the last weekend we got to see the announcement of a new Guilty Gear installment.

The video is just a short teaser but since Guilty Gear has so many fans the new game is going to be greatly anticipated and there is a lot of speculation going on about what kind of features and characters it will include. This time the ones in charge of the development of the game will be Team Red, and you can rest assured that this new Guilty Gear will look as spectacular as all the other games designed by Daisuke Ishiwatari. If you are not into anime-like graphics it could not be the game for you but if you like those type of games this could be the game you have been waiting for.

On the gameplay side, nothing has been revealed about the game, but we can guess that it will continue offering one-on-one competitive battles. If you want to check how it feels to play Guilty Gear you can give a try to the classic games, but it may be more accurate to take a look at BlazBlue, one of the most recent fighting games published by Arc System Works and a title that many consider the spiritual successor of guilty Gear.

Guilty Gear gameplay

We have no release date for Guilty Gear yet, not even it’s title has been confirmed so far, but it’s quite likely that it will be released at some point in 2020 for PlayStation and Xbox One.

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