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For Honor is free on PC for a limited time

Ubisoft seems to be quite adamant on its intention of making For Honor available to everyone. The third-person view medieval action game has recently been up for grabs completely free on Epic Games Store and now they have announced that the PC version will be also free on Uplay for a while. If you missed the opportunity to get it then or if you are just upset with Epic Games because you wanted to play a game on Steam and it has turned out to be exclusive in their store, you can now get to Ubisoft’s store and claim the standard edition of For Honor for free until August 27.

For Honor is an action game that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting where the warriors of several factions representing Vikings, Samurais, and Knights, which fight for the supremacy. Each faction has a few unique classes available to them with their own weapons, skills, and fighting styles. Players will take part in single-player missions through the campaign or join the multiplayer mode to fight against other players in melee combat in seven different game modes.

If you like For Honor you should know that there is plenty of extra available content for the game. You can buy the Marching Fire expansion, which includes the Wu Lin, a fourth faction that represents Chinese warriors, as well as many new hero classes, gameplay modes, and maps.

One of the latest additions to For Honor, for example, is the Jörmungandr Hulda a new Viking hero class that has been recently introduced in For Honor. Wielding a war hammer, this fierce warrior aims to crush all the weaklings before the Ragnarok comes so only the bravest of all will get to take part in the Final Battle.

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Battlefield 5 cancels its 5v5 mode

We have seen many times new modes added to video games that have been running for a while. It’s a common way of adding more content and keeping the players interested in the games. In some cases, it turns out that the new gameplay mode is even more popular than the base game itself like it happened with Fallout 76 and it’s Nuclear Winter mode. There are not many cases where a mode that was announced for a game ends canceled in the middle of its development. This is the case of Battlefield 5’s competitive 5v5 mode, which was supposed to be implemented in the future and now has been canceled.

When Chapter 4: Defying the Odds was launched for Battlefield 5, a new 5v5 competitive mode that would include dedicated arenas specially designed for it was to be added. Not many details were given about it, and we can understand it now since we are still waiting to see this new gameplay mode.

Battlefield 5’s senior producer Ryan McArthur has confirmed that we are not going to see it happening. He has said in a statement that the development team will be focusing on bug fixing, improving the quality of the game, and create more content for Battlefield 5 instead of adding the new multiplayer mode.

He has also revealed that the 4.6 update for Battlefield 5 will bring the Operation Underground map on Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Breakthrough, and Squad Conquest in September. Later on, they will be focusing on the Pacific theatre with the addition of new weapons, vehicles, factions, and visuals to support the upcoming maps.

The choice of delivering a better game instead of adding extra gameplay modes that may or may not fit the theme of Battlefield 5 doesn’t seem to be a bad thing. Giving the players more gameplay options is always good.

It’s true that Firestorm mode has been a great addition to Battlefield 5, for example, but since the resources are always limited, it comes to a point where there has to be a limit on the number of areas you want to cover in your game too, or you may spread your content too thin and end diluting its essence.

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Run Roll Rumble Review

A newcomer in the platform fighter space, Benua Softworks and Matthew Marcellino try their hand at the genre with their new title Run Roll Rumble. With supernatural elements and support for up to four players, can this brawler stand toe-to-toe with the heavyweights of the genre?

Run Roll Rumble Review

Those who have thrown down in Super Smash Bros., PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, or even Icons: Combat Arena will know the drill in Run Roll Rumble. After choosing their character of choice and arena, players must then dispose of their opponent while double jumping, rolling, and using items. It’s all bog standard for the genre, and though there is a health meter as opposed to a percentage-based mechanic, it is familiar nonetheless.

However, the execution of each of these elements is extremely lacking. Players are only given one button to attack, and there is no variation between moves. Those weaned on the meteor smashes and juggling of other titles will be thrown for a loop with the lack of variety here. This lack of mapping of directions to attacks is a sore oversight, and using the same combo in all instances gets stale very quickly.

In addition, the “special” attacks of Run Roll Rumble lack any sort of balance. One might feel like the mere inclusion of power-ups alone DQs it from high level play, but what is here is mandatory and broken. Players can get themselves fire, lightning, and ice attacks, which can then be released with a flick of the d-pad. These moves are grossly overpowered – the fireball launches opponents high in the sky with little warning, while the ice attack freezes players for seconds at a time. As the most unique element this game has going for it, it is a disappointment to see the execution found here.

Other than these attacks, there are also weapons like guitars and the environment to watch out for. Certain stages have floods and fiery threats that can easily take out a player if they’re not paying attention. There is a serious faux pas with the After Life stage (pictured above) – by making everything white, players are unable to see when stages end. Bottomless pits prove little threat, just taking a bit of life, but not seeing where they begin is a cardinal sin.

Programming in this title could use some work as well. There were times where we got stuck in the middle of platforms, unable to do anything to get out. In addition, there were times where our fights against the AI had them continuously walk into a wall. There are no difficulty settings or modifiers to smarten these foes up – other than choosing how many opponents you want to face and your character, everybody will have the same experience.

Outside of the main Couch Party Mode, there is also a Practice Mode (with no variables to adjust), Quick Match Online (which is in beta), and Custom Online (which is also in beta). We were unable to find anybody to play online, so we unfortunately cannot say if the netcode is up to snuff as of this review.

Despite looking the part, Run Roll Rumble commits a number of cardinal sins that DQ it from …

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Vulcar Classic Car Coming to GTA Online

GTA Online - Gamers Heroes
Rockstar Games announced today that the new Vulcar Nebula Turbo Sports Classic has made its way to GTA Online.

Starting this week, players can swing by Southern San Andreas Super Autos and grab themselves the Vulcar Nebula Turbo.

The recently released Rancho Rivalry, Scenic Route, and Grapeseed Circuit (which are part of the Race Series) will pay out Double Rewards from now through August 28.

Those looking for some new threads can grab themselves the Street Crimes Box Art Tee and Invade and Persuade Invader Tee for free this week.

The thirsty among us can get themselves free drinks at The Diamond’s Casino Bar, and at your personal Penthouse Bar and Party Area, all this week. Players can also get themselves a sizeable 30% discount on the Bar and Party Area, along with 50% off Members Party.

All those that pay a visit to The Diamond Casino & Resort can get themselves a free daily spin of the Lucky Wheel. The chance to score GTA$, special clothing items and the Benefactor Schlagen GT awaits.

Both the Blue Flying Bravo Fitted Suit Jacket and The Temptation of Aglaia can be yours at the Casino Store this week.

If you’re looking to save a bit, players can take advantage of the following discounts this week:

Finally, Twitch Prime members who linked their Twitch and Rockstar Social Club accounts can get themselves a staggering 75% off the Pfister Neon and the Pegassi Reaper, as well as an additional 10% off all previously listed sale items.

Source: Press Release
Vulcar Classic Car Coming to GTA Online

Rockstar Games announced today that the new Vulcar Nebula Turbo Sports Classic has made its way to GTA Online

Disaster Report 4 Character Interactions Highlighted in New Trailer

Get a firsthand look at the many characters players will come across in NIS America’s Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories with the latest trailer for the game

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters DLC Announced

To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of Two Point Hospital, Two Point Studios and SEGA Europe today announced the next expansion to the award-winning hospital sim, Close Encounters. Close

Cinematic Launch Trailer Highlights Dark World Of Control

The latest coming out from Gamescom in Cologne sees 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment reveal an exciting new launch trailer for the upcoming release of Control. A brand new cinematic trailer

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NBA 2K20, the demo is available

Just two weeks before the official release of NBA 2K20, a bit more of the game is to be revealed to the players. Indeed, although this news is not a surprise since we learned last month about it, the NBA 2K20 demo is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Added to this, we have also seen the recent publication of two videos. The first is called “When the Lights are Brightest” and it presents the career mode. We discover the first glimpse of the story, and the least we can say is that the cast is amazing. It includes Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, and the famous LeBron James. With a significant cinematic dimension, we will have the opportunity to follow our player in all aspects of his career, in the field and the locker room, but also regarding the management of sponsors and the press.

The second video that accompanies the launch of the demo also shows us the career mode but it focuses on detailing the new MyPlayer tool. NBA 2K20 will allow us to customize our player like never before, with very precise characteristics and statistics, including the ability to choose your takeover. The combinations are so vast that we can create up to 100 different archetypes, as well as 50 new badges. The progression should also be faster than in NBA 2K19. And to create a player who will truly be your image, the mobile application MyNBA2K20 available on the App Store and Google Play allows you to scan your face and integrate it to your player, only on PS4 and Xbox One.

Regarding the content of the demo, do not expect to start your career. You will have to wait until the official release of the game. However, you can test MyPlayer and discover the customization options available to you . Once you have created your avatar, you can put his skills to the test during a match.

For those who do not have the chance to play the demo, the wait will not be very long because NBA 2K20 will be released on September 6.

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Aliens arrive at Two Point Hospital in a new DLC

The spiritual successor of Theme Hospital seems to be doing quite well. Two Point Hospital already lets you try and cure the most hilarious and crazy illnesses all over the world but it seems that the medical treatment simulator has become so famous that its popularity has reached the outer space. Medical tourism is something that already happens in the real world, so why wouldn’t it be happening in Two Point Hospital?

Developer Two Point Studios has announced that the Close Encounters DLC will be adding three new hospitals for you to manage in Two Point County. Goldpan, Camoflage Falls, and Chasm 24 will be three new locations where you will be able to put your management skills to test. Building and managing a hospital on each of those locations implies that you will have to face new administrative challenges, and even if curing the citizens will still be your priority you will also need to make the hospital a thriving business.

Thirty-four brand new illnesses are afflicting the population in the new areas, and you will have to come up with new machines and methods to treat them. Maybe they have something to do with a huge ball of fire that was seen in the sky not to long ago? There are rumors of very strange-looking people that are visiting the area lately, and they may visit your hospital for treatment too. It doesn’t matter where your patients are coming from, you will have to try your best to cure them and make them pay for it.

Two Point Hospital – Close Encounters

The Close Encounters DLC for Two Point Hospital is launching on August 29 for PC. Unlike the two previous Two Point Hospital expansions, Bigfoot and Pebberly Island, the contents of Close Encounters won’t be included in the console version of the game when it launches later this year. Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best prices for the game anytime.

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A new video showcasing Shenmue III gameplay is out

It seems that all the drama that we have seen during the last months regarding the launch of Shenmue III is finally over. The release of the game on Epic Game Store instead of Steam and the subsequent complaints coming from the players that expected to play it on Valve’s platform have been going on for a few weeks. Ys Net and Deep Silver rapidly announced that they would be refunding the money to those that helped to fund the game but don’t want to play the game on a different platform than Steam or don’t want to wait for a whole year after launch until Shenmue III is available there. We have seen this happening on other games after that but it seems that people are finally getting used to epic Games trying to secure a spot for their shop in the market.

We can move forward now and see more of the highly anticipated third installment of the Shenmue saga. We can now learn a bit more of the daily life of Ryo Hazuki in the mountains of Guilin, China, by watching a new video.

As Ryo continues searching for the murderer of his father, this time in a foreign country, our favorite martial artist will have to keep improving his kung fu in order to gain strength and claim his revenge. Fighting in arenas against all king of opponents with different combat styles seem to be one of the best ways for him to hone his skills. But there is more than fighting in Shenmue III, and the little joys of the daily life in China can also come in the form of arcade mini-games or the smile of a lady, even if you have to be careful because danger can be around any corner and you might end receiving a severe beating.

Ryo playing mini-games in Shenmue III

If you are one of those that have been waiting 18 years for the next chapter in the series, we are sure that the least you care about is what digital download platform you will have to use when you play Shenmue III. The graphics look great, martial arts are present everywhere, and you will continue the story of Ryo; what else could you ask for?

Shenmue III will launch on November 19 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on the Epic Games Store.

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Oninaki Lost Souls Guide

Oninaki Lost Souls Guide
The Lost Souls in Oninaki are basically side quests that you can find throughout the world. Some of them are easy to find, and other can be hidden and hard to spot. Check out this Oninaki Lost Souls guide to complete them all.

Oninaki Lost Souls Guide

Longing Boy
This is the first one you will most likely come across. He is found in the town here.

Lost Boy Oninaki

You can’t complete this until you get the Daemon, Will. He uses an axe and when you have him equipped speak to the boy. This will complete this quest. I had the Kumbhakarna axe equipped, not sure if that was needed or not.

Venturous Man
Found in The Lost Town, here on the map.

Venturous Man Oninaki

Return to the town of Deto and to the West of the #2 waypoint you can find a woman on a bench. When you approach the quest will automatically complete.

Reckless Watcher
This quest can be found in The Sunken Ruins, here on the map.

Venturous Man Oninaki

When you talk to the soul it will turn into a beast. Defeat the beast and you will beat the quest.

Guilty Man
This quest is found in the Tashir Canal, here on the map.

Guilty Man Oninaki

This is another one where you have to fight the guy after speaking with him. Kill him and complete the quest.

Lost Disciple
This one is found on Mt Teora, right here on the map.

Oninaki Lost Disciple

This is another one where you have to fight the soul, kill it to beat the quest.

Unfortunate Woman
You can find this one in Deto, after it is set on fire. Speak to the woman near the number 1 warp point and she will ask to return to a house in the Raom Meadows. The house is near way point number 3, this is the same house you bring the lost boy to at the start of the game. The Raom Meadow is found in the Taddan plains.
You can find this one in Deto, after it is set on fire. Kujo can be found near warp point number 2. She wants to go to Sook Fens to be put to rest. The Sook Fens are connected to the Kiro Marsh. Go to the entrance and then go up to the next area to trigger the cutscene and complete the quest.
Fellow Watcher
This one can be found in the Shadestone Quarry, here on the map.

Oninaki Fellow Watcher

She wants to be taken to the ground floor of the Ehir Palace. Enter the Ehir palace and go to the left of the stairs. Cross the veil there and the woman will thank you and depart.

Regretful Woman
You can find this one in Deto, after the town is restored. She can be found on the way to the Palace, near the third waypoint. Go to Lake Lud and then to the Kiho Shores area. Warp to way point number three and go down the path slightly to get her cutscene and complete the quest.
Inquisitive Man
This man can be found in the old village of Sugo, which is connected to the Mazzen Mountains. He wants to see a weapon from across the sea.
Magic Scholar
This quest can be found in Kiraq which
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Easy-To-Follow Tips To Maintain Your Hard Drive

You can’t live without a computer. These days, a computer is an important component of your life. You simply can’t do without it, especially at work.

Computers rank at the top of the most valued pieces of equipment for any business.

Professionals rely on their computer’s hard drives to maintain productivity, store important data, and communicate with customers.


Yes, everybody relies on a hard drive. It’s not just you. So, what happens when a hard drive fails?

According to, computer problems interrupt workflow and interfere with employee productivity by shutting down their work day. Not only does this create a backlog in work, it results in loss of profit or even to a loss of potential customers.

There are definitely consequences if a hard drive fails. Businesses have no choice but to implement a few preventative measures to minimize the chances of it happening prematurely. The good news is that businesses can maintain their computer’s health without involving too much time or resources.


Here are a couple of tips that you can follow to maintain your hard drive. As you will notice, these tips aren’t just good for your computer in the workplace for your computer at home as well.

The first easy-to-follow tip is to be careful when installing and downloading a software.

Computers may start acting funny after installing a computer program downloaded from the Internet. Each software installation requires hard drive space, or may contain a virus or malware.

The more programs you install, the less space the computer has. Although your computer uses memory to run programs, it also uses the hard drive to help decrease the load times. If your hard drive is full, it will definitely slow down the computer.


The second easy-to-follow tip is to stick to software that’s work related.

The Information Technology departments often block everyone from downloading software programs for a reason. Downloading software programs from the Internet without scanning them for viruses is a dangerous practice, and it can cripple a business in minutes.

Whether you’re in the office or using your personal computer, be sure to use a reputable anti-virus program and firewall to manage incoming traffic and access to the PC. It’s a good rule of thumb to only install trustworthy programs that will help business operations.


You can also apply that same rule of thumb with your home computer. You need to make sure that the software you’re downloading is trustworthy. Of course, it’s always hard to tell is a software if trustworthy and that’s why you need a strong anti-virus in both your work and home computers.

The third easy-to-follow tip is something that you need to do at all times. You need to update your operating system regularly.

By updating your operating system, you are ensuring that you have critical updates to make your system run better, and eliminate issues that could ultimately cause hard drive failure. Most businesses use Microsoft Windows as their primary operating system.

Microsoft Windows allows users to update the operating system on a regular basis by accessing the “Windows Update” on their computer, and in most cases this can be updated automatically.


The next …

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Two Point Hospital Close Encounters DLC Announced

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters DLC Announced
To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of Two Point Hospital, Two Point Studios and SEGA Europe today announced the next expansion to the award-winning hospital sim, Close Encounters. Close Encounters is set to release on August 29th on Steam, with a 10% discount available for early adopters who purchase the DLC before September 2nd.

Additionally, the Retro Items Pack, will release on the same day and include 27 brand new in-game items.

The Close Encounters DLC will introduce a flurry of new medical and administrative challenges to overcome. with the eerie presence of otherworldly forces.

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters DLC Announced

To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of Two Point Hospital, Two Point Studios and SEGA Europe today announced the next expansion to the award-winning hospital sim, Close Encounters. Close

Cinematic Launch Trailer Highlights Dark World Of Control

The latest coming out from Gamescom in Cologne sees 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment reveal an exciting new launch trailer for the upcoming release of Control. A brand new cinematic trailer

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Discover the components needed for success in battle in NIS America’s The Alliance Alive HD Remastered with the latest gameplay trailer for the game

Code Vein Trailer Puts Spotlight on Butterfly of Delirium Boss

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Code Vein that takes a closer look at it Butterfly of Delirium boss fight

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